Details about Ohanapecosh Topographic Maps for iPhone and iPad

Our maps for iPhone and iPad use the free iTunes app PDF Maps from Avenza Systems, or the iTunes App Bit Map from, to make your iPhone or iPad into a GPS navigation system.  No connection to a phone network or internet network is required.  The maps are offline, stored on your iPhone or iPad. 

An iPhone 3G or newer is necessary to use the internal GPS.  All models of iPad have internal GPS.

We obtain the latest available data from USGS for locations in the United States or from CanTopo for locations in Canada.

We remove the map borders (collars) and connect adjacent maps together, making one seamless map of your area of interest, a process called mosaicing.  Your map can be up to six adjacent USGS or CanTOPO quadrangles in any rectangular configuration.

We enhance map images for quality and visibility where necessary (retouching and edge sharpening).

We add lighting effects to the maps of mountainous terrain to simulate sunlight and shadows, which emphasize the topography of the terrain.  This effect is called shaded relief.

We optimize the file size of maps to balance visual quality with available device memory.

Using Apple iTunes file sharing, you load your maps into your iPhone or iPad.

Run PDF Maps or Bit Map on your iPhone or iPad, open your map in the app, and you are away navigating! 

To order maps from Ohanapecosh Maps, go to the Order Maps page for step-by step instructions to define your areas of interest (AOI) in the United States or Canada using Google Maps, and to send in your payment.

We will send you an email with a unique user name and password on our website where you can download your maps using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  Click on the Download Maps linke for step-by-step instructions on how to download your maps from using FTP when you receive your user name and password.

Click the Load Maps link for instructions on loading maps into your iPhone or iPad.

If you have any difficulty ordering your maps, downloading your maps, or loading your maps into your iPhone or iPad, email us at  We will promptly address the issue.

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